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Medium Allison Dubois coming to Ireland!

Part of the furniture
Part of the furniture

Medium Allison Dubois coming to Ireland!

Post by CathyCat on Sat 3 Mar 2018 - 12:28

Allison Dubois is coming to Ireland!

Medium is my favourite programme on TV at the moment.  An hour-long episode on every day on CBS Drama channel - it beats even Corrie for my daily not-to-be-missed viewing. heartface 

The programme is factually based on the true life story of American psychic medium Allison Dubois, who worked with the police and district attorney in America, helping to solve many a murder case and finding missing persons, etc.

Her first visit ever over to these parts, she will be in Ireland in June:

When I think of the month of March I think of Spring time. I get excited that St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and we look forward to sharing it with friends and family. My husband Joe is mostly of Irish decent, so we decorate our house with shamrocks and all things green. Holidays are many of the moments that become our versions of heaven when we die. The days we joyfully relive.

When I die, the skies will be blue, Joe will be there, our girls will be little and every happy day we shared will be my reality. But for now, Joe and I decided to cross an item off our bucket list. So, for his birthday this year, we're going to Ireland! We're going to rub elbows with the locals in quaint pubs and I'm going to roll down a hill of four leaf clovers, just like I dreamed of doing when I was a little girl.

  I do get a lot of requests from Ireland and the UK for me to come out (and work, of course). It was too much to agree to an entire tour, but I have agreed to schedule personal readings while I'm there. The readings will be conducted, in-person, in Dublin, Ireland. That means individual 1 hour slots for both mediumship and/or life readings. You will also get a signed copy of my book 'Into The Dark', along with photo opportunities. If you'll be in Dublin this June (2018) and you are interested, please contact Andrea at

  This will be our first time in Ireland, Joe and I are over the moon excited and our youngest daughter Sophia will share this experience with us. So, we're making new memories and reducing our bucket list by one. As you go through life, be sure to not just make a bucket list, but you actually need to fulfill it too!

  I've been crossing off experiences since my 30th birthday when I drank champagne in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower with Joe, my man! So, I've been doing this for quite awhile. I hope this inspires you to embrace life and go for it! There's never a good time or enough money it seems. But in reality, there is. Where there's a will, there's a way. Look for travel deals throughout the year, find a fun companion and squeeze every drop of fun and exhilaration out of your life.

- Allison DuBois


~ Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday ~
Part of the furniture
Part of the furniture

Re: Medium Allison Dubois coming to Ireland!

Post by CathyCat on Sat 3 Mar 2018 - 15:07

Exclusive Uncut Interview with Famous Medium Allison DuBois

~ Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday ~

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