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The functions of the Toolbar at the very top of the forum

Part of the furniture
Part of the furniture

The functions of the Toolbar at the very top of the forum

Post by CathyCat on Thu 8 Jun 2017 - 12:23

When you are logged in to the Forum your username will appear in the right-hand corner of the toolbar at the top of the Board. 

By clicking into your name there you will find a drop-down menu which allows you to perform various functions:

  • Edit profile

  • My topics

  • My posts

  • Watched topics

  • My private messages

  • Log out

When you set your notification preferences from your profile, another drop-down menu will appear to the right of your username - called Notifications.  It will notify you of new posts since last visit (to watched topics), new pm's etc.  You can set your preferences through there to receive notifications by email if you wish - or just from the toolbar once logged in, or both, or neither.
You can also change any of your notification preferences at any time.

You may also make a request to 'start watching a topic' or 'stop watching a topic' individually from each of the topics on the forum (usually found down the bottom of the topics lists).

When creating a topic or replying to a post, you can also request to 'notify me of replies' from there on, by ticking the little circle 'Notify me of replies to this post' before you press 'send'. 

By clicking your name up in the red toolbar, you can see all your preferences (and alter them from there), your profile info, number of posts made, private messages, watched topics, etc - and you can also log out from there.
All of these things are contained in the one place, which makes it much easier to use the board. 
Oh yes - you can also log in through red toolbar.

To make that little menu go back into the toolbar - just click again on your name and it's hidden from view.

You may also search, share & connect with your individual social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Email, etc) all directly from the toolbar - without leaving the forum.

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